unmosqued the movie


Unmosqued Teaser  

We've chosen not to market our project at this stage of the process, just publishing some blog posts for the small number of people on our facebook fanpage. We decided this early on both because we needed to finalize the film's subjects and themes before we made it "public", but also because we have very limited time to work on this each day. When the time is right we will go out and actively tell our story, but at this stage you're enormously privileged to be reading this (joking).

Since we launched our first teaser a little over a month ago, it has almost 35,000 views. (There is another repost of this exact teaser with ~5k views).  The teaser alone has generated countless discussions about the topic among many different circles across the nation.  Aside from this proving that there is a genuine interest in what we're creating it's also a testament to the importance of the topic itself to all those that are involved/not involved at the mosque. Much more to come. Stay tuned.