Film review by Heather Swindell

Salam aleikum. I just finished watching the documentary. SubhanAllah. You guys put into words everything I've felt when it comes to dealing with the masajid I've attended since I converted to Islam in April 2011. I've attended three different masajid, and two of those three were rife with pretty much every issue outlined by this documentary. I attended another masjid once, but was so turned off by their begging for money and the PVC-pipe-and-plastic-tarp partition to hide the women that I never went back. (I still need to go back there, if only to snap a picture of that dreadful "partition" for Side Entrance, inshAllah.) I believe this documentary should be seen in every masjid and Muslim community - and the ones who think "we don't have this problem" are the ones who may need it the most (or they may be a fortunate minority of masajid who are honestly functioning and being relevant and meeting the needs of the community). The situation in too many communities is CRITICAL - illustrated in the ending photo of a masjid with a "For Rent" sign in the window. The opportunities for real dialogue and transparency between mosque boards, imams, and the communities they're meant to serve are long overdue. I can't wait to go back to my masjid and ask them to show this documentary and get a dialogue started, inshAllah. JazakAllah khairan for this.