Mersiha Hadziahmetovic-Rashid on "Haram Police"

 I'm sick and tired of the haram police. No wonder <5% of American Muslims attend a masjid. It's because you make Islam hard when it's not supposed to be hard. Air, grass and water are not the only halal things. If men and women can pray together at the holiest of sites, well by golly, they sure should be able to pray together in small town America!!! And women in the saws's time were included in everything, in fact women would chime in during khutbas, which Implies they sat near to saws and other men so that everyone could hear their comments. So, stop it already with your petty issues and stop injecting sexual thoughts where nobody is even thinking about that. You're SO losing the forest for the trees. As long as this stupid theme of ostracizing women persists, the Ummah will be nothing more than a hemiplegic body, ie, not capable of solving its own problems, let alone contribute anything worthwhile to society at large.

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