Post film reflection by Fatima Salman

Before watching Unmosqued, always had a nervous feeling of what the film is about. Is it pushing people out of the masjid and giving them legitimacy to their gripes? The Hadith of the youth attached to the masjid and his rewards on the Day of J rang loud through my head. After last nights viewing and beautiful, healthy, and robust discussion...realized that that youth won't even be in the masjid if he/she doesn't feel comfortable or accepted to be in the masjid itself. Thank you to all who came out yesterday. This is a must watch documentary and there is still time for communities to get the DVD, just visit the Unmosqued website. I have never witnessed a room of 150+ people be so charged and contemplative like the way they were after watching Unmosqued. (The discussion literally kept me up all night thinking) The masjid is clearly a topic so near and dear to all of our hearts...young, old, black, white, desi, Arab, convert, immigrant, indigenous, woman, man, attendee, volunteer, board member, or imam. Our masjid cultures need to change...and iA this is the first step of several to start that change.