Reflection by Hind Makki

I've worked internally in a mosque, at a Muslim legal rights org and at a regional umbrella Muslim org for abt 6 years. Even with all my privilege (hijabi, Arabic speaking, Islamic school and Ivy League grad, raised in the community and the daughter of two highly respected activists fil 3amal al Islami), I still got routinely dismissed or insulted for having and respectfully voicing my opinions by the uncles in my community. After years of that, I left. Then, I got so much respect (and agency) in the same Muslim community, by the same uncles, who didnt want to hear from me, once I started to work at a national interfaith org that afforded me access to philanthropies, governments & higher education leaders, and now as an independent consultant. Sometimes the only way to be heard is to work outside the box, or in my case, the mosque.

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