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"Girl takes her shahada at the masjid today. Guy on the mic announcing her shahada says, "Brothers, get in line if you want to marry her!"  That's not the adab of Islam."

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Abdul Belgasem That's just an ugly thing to say during the best moment! Just totally kills the whole beauty of the Shahada period! Someone should actual educate the person saying that... It maybe okay but not the greatest way to welcome someone into this Religion... Also makes us seem like dogs can't wait to be let out of the cage...

Ahmed Salim i'm pretty sure the guy was joking, and best case scenario, she just did that awkward laugh that everyone does when the joke isn't really all that funny and then forgot about it. well, maybe she won't forget, but i don't see why that wouldnt become a funny story. the guy is the one who needs some sensitivity training though, since that could constitute sexual harassment. dude probably doesn't have enough experience talking to women, poor guy lol

Veda Sultanfuss I have had this conversation many times... As a convert we dont feel safe or respected i can only speak for women here. But comments like this or being told are "culture" isnt good enough therefore i need to be desi or arab to be muslim enough?! Or the authenticity issue where converts couldnt possibly know anything.... What can we do...

Kameelah Mu'Min Rashad Horrifying and heartbreaking. I pray your wife is able to connect with her.