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And to all the brothers who say this film may be bias, come make salaat in a shoe room, someday. Try not being able to see the beauty of the masjid because you've never been inside or seen the minbar. It's especially hard hitting when your marginalized because your a convert. For me, this film hits home.

Reflection by Krista K Meadows

It's funny to see that most comments stating that women should stay at home and don't need to pray at the Masjid are Muslims not from the USA, it goes to show that cultural practices and not true Islam is being practiced and preached. This is the real problem. Women and Men are equal in Islam and should both have adequate areas for praying at masjids. Especially in areas with a lot of reverts since most cannot pray at home. To say a women's place is only at the home and they shouldn't show their faces in public goes to show how ignorant some of us are on our religion. How culture has replaced and taken over the religion.

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