unMosqued post film reflection by Sami Elmansoury

I urge folks to watch Unmosqued, and to start potent conversations. Alongside Exec. Producer Ahmed Eid, I led a panel last night at a screening of his team's newly released film. After finishing the remarks, we opened the floor to a Q&A session that lasted well past 11 PM, and discussion ensued until midnight. A session that was at times inspiring in its frankness - and at times troubling, particularly for those who, regrettably in my opinion, see little inherent concern with the dismal status quo.

Unmosqued raises critical questions and concerns about women's roles in mosques, and their undeniable placement as second class citizens in many centers, ethnocentrism and cultural arrogance, and the access of a new generation to the leadership of American mosques. It is arguably the first film to do so with little subtlety.

Within the film, I am very proud of the honest and candid contributions ofTarek El-MessidiHind MakkiAmanda QuraishiJason GravesAbu Zaynab GallardoImam Shamsi Ali, and several other friends.

I'm also incredibly motivated by the efforts of filmmakers Ahmed Eid, Marwa AlyAtif Mahmud, and their team. It's most definitely worth hosting a screening in your area - let's keep elevating this conversation. I know that on my part, I'll continue to do so, without shyness - until we see substantive change.